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Fly catcher deployment!

On Sunday evening I made some fly catchers. The idea being to see if we can catch some flies as a varied protein source for the trout which we will be collecting once we have the aquaponics system cycled.

The fly catchers are simply made out of a drinks bottle with the top third cut off, and inverted. I whole is then drilled for a stick to go through and hold the lid in place, as well as a place to tie on some garden tying wire too.

The idea is that the flies follow the smell of the fermenting items into the bottle, and cannot easily get out. Some people add some shade to the top of the bottle, as apparently flies do not like flying towards the dark.

We are trying a variety of items to entice them such as banana, apple, and apple cider.

We put a variety of contents in to see which will work best and placed in different locations. The kids had the rather good idea of putting them near the fence where the horses are (and sometimes there hay is). We all put our names on our own ones as a competition to see who can collect the most flies! Let the games begin!

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